Foglights: Higher Ground Production Photos

The Higher Ground Project is a participatory community arts project led by the Appalachian Program at Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College, and is funded by ArtPlace and the Robert Frazier Foundation. Higher Ground 4: FOGLIGHTS opened at the historic East Kentucky Social Club in Lynch, Kentucky on September 19 and 21. Project director Robert Gipe explains the intent of the latest Higher Ground production: “Approximately 28,000 people live in our county. Since we received our ArtPlace grant, nearly a thousand coal miners have been laid off…  It’s pretty foggy in our county right now, and the future is hard to see, but we will try to use Higher Ground 4: FOGLIGHTS  help our community find its way and to remind ourselves that if it’s foggy, it’s probably still morning.” The following pictures were taken during the sold out performance September 21, 2013.

New After Coal Film Trailer

Our latest work-in-progress features residents of coal mining communities who believe in the power of the arts to create a new future.  All of the music in this work sample is performed by participants in the Higher Ground public art project in Harlan County, Kentucky and members of Cor Meibion Onllwyn in South Wales.  Their powerful voices help keep communities together through tough times.