Film Clip Friday: Germinal

This week on film clip Friday we feature French director Claude Berri’s 1993 dramatic interpretation of Elile Zola’s novel Germinal. The film tells the story of a coal miner’s strike in northern France in the 1860s and addresses issues such as capitalism and immigration that are relevant today. Germinal won the Cesar award for best cinematography and best costume design. In 1993. A link to the trailer is below, but it is worth watching the entire film. Germinal (1993)

Film Clip Friday: Hula Girls (Fura Garu)

This week’s Film Clip Friday post brings us to Japan. Director Lee Sang-il’s 2007 dramatic comedy Hula Girls (Fura Garu) is based on the true story of a Japanese coal-mining village facing mine closure and massive layoffs in the 1960s. The village leaders decide to create a Hawaiian based theme park to reverse their economic fortunes, and the young women of the village become unlikely heroes. Hula Girls (2007)

Film Clip Friday: Coal Money

This week’s Film Clip Friday takes us to China’s Shanxi province, where giant trucks haul coal from immense surface mines. In Coal Money (aka L’argent du Charbon, 2009) Director Wang Bing follows the men who drive the trucks that endlessly shuttle coal from mine to port. The film was produced by the French company Les Films d’Ici and versions with English subtitles are difficult to locate. The short clip below takes us on a tour of a strip mine where we watch the trucks being loaded. More information is available at the Doc & Film International site. Coal Money by Wang Bing