After Coal Book Launch

The After Coal Book officially launches today, and we invite you to order your copy from West Virginia University Press.

After Coal focuses on coalfield residents who are working to build a diverse and sustainable economy after mining jobs have disappeared. It tells the story of four decades of exchange between mining communities in Wales and Appalachia, and profiles individuals and organizations that are undertaking the critical work of regeneration.

Publishers Weekly notes that “Hansell promises no easy answers, but his optimistic work showcases multiple community-building efforts.”

Denise Giardina, author of six novels, including Storming Heaven, says After Coal is “a badly needed analysis of the situation where post-coal Appalachia finds itself. Books like Hansell’s are necessary to help the region move forward.”

We hope that our book can support local efforts to create healthy communities in former mining regions in Appalachia, Wales, and around the world.