On Archives and Memories

by Angela Wiley This morning at a coffee shop near Washington, D.C., I started talking with the person working across the table. As we wandered through talk about work projects, she remarked, “What’s really important, though, are the memories we make. Achievements are great, but if we leave no room to create memories with people, there is no point.” My name is Angela, and I have been working with After Coal since 2012. It hardly feels like work, so I drank up the words of coffee-shop-person-across-the-table and attached them to the archival memories I am sifting through, pulling apart, and stringing back together. My interest in memory during the early months of this year involved combing through contemporary interviews, songs, and archival video that help tell the story of John Gaventa, Richard Greatrex, and Helen Lewis. A treasure trove of media and ephemera is housed in the Helen M. Lewis […]